Our Team

Midline Academy is made up of practitioners, enthusiasts, researchers and students. We believe that everyone, no matter what level of career, academic or experience they have gained, can create a place that is welcoming and useful to everyone involved in their clinical practice with vascular access.

Midline Academy Leadership Team:

Bartosz Sadownik – physician, university lecturer, assistant in the Department of Normal and Clinical Anatomy, working on a daily basis at the 2nd Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Medical University of Warsaw. Instructor and enthusiast of Point-of-Care ultrasound – seeks clinical applications of anatomical knowledge, especially in the field of vascular access, regional anaesthesia, intensive care and emergencies. Organiser of numerous trainings and courses, creator of original phantoms and ultrasound trainers. A passionate teacher.

Maciej Latos – MSc in nursing, specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care nursing and paramedic involved in development infusion care & vascular access management in Poland. Assistant in the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Teaching at the Medical University of Warsaw. Instructor on vascular access courses: ultrasound-guided Midline and PIVCs. The implementation of good practice in nursing. President of the Board Directors in Polish Society of Infusion Nursing. Head of the Vascular Access and Infusion Team at the University Clinical Center of the Medical University of Warsaw. Chair of the Safe Vascular Access Working Group of the Expert Council of the Hospital Safety Coalition. Editor of ‘Nurse and Midwife Magazine (in Polish)’. Co-author of the book ‘Vascular access in clinical practice’ (in Polish). Author of several scientific articles. Member of the Infusion Nurses Society

Natalia Sak-Dankosky – Doctor of Health Sciences, Master of Nursing, specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care nursing. She is passionate about science, researching aspects related to patient- and family-centred care in intensive care units. On a daily basis, she works as an assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Nursing at the Warsaw Medical University and is an anaesthesia nurse in the operating theatre of the CSK UCK WUM. Her professional interests focus on research methodology, statistics and evidence-based nursing. For 7 years she gained professional experience in the United States (University of Pittsburgh) and Finland (University of Eastern Finland), where she worked as a researcher. She spends her free time playing sports and having fun, showing her two daughters how cool the world is.

Marceli Solecki – Master of Nursing, paramedic, specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care nursing, academic lecturer at the Warsaw Medical University. She has been involved in vascular infusion and vascular cannulation for 10 years. Her interests within medicine include paramedicine, point-of-care ultrasound, vascular infusion and peripheral vascular cannulation. In his spare time he indulges his passion for sailing and skiing.

Artur Szymczak – Former soldier, paramedic, nurse, specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care nursing, instructor in vascular access courses using ultrasound. He has gained his experience in the ED, emergency rooms, intensive care unit, and intervention team. He feels most comfortable working with patients in emergency life-threatening situations. A passionate didactician with many years of experience. Free time is a bike the further the better.

Maciek Michałowski – physician, assistant in the department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care. He has always been torn between anaesthesiology and emergency medicine. He sees great potential in the use of anaesthetic tools and techniques in prehospital medicine and on applying the experience gained during his work in the Air Ambulance to his daily work in the hospital. He teaches courses on RSI and difficult airways aimed at Paramedics.