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Evidence-based vascular access

Obtaining vascular accesses and their proper care is an art. It is not enough to insert an intravenous cannula of various types, just as it is not enough to wipe its port before use. Numerous publications show that a systemic, team and comprehensive approach to infusion management produces the best results, staff and patient satisfaction. We not only build on standards, we create them by publishing scientific papers, educational materials and management recommendations.

Conduct in accordance with standards

We confront our experiences with current standards of practice in safe cannulation and infusion line management based on global organisations: INS, CDC, ERPIUP.

We promote ‘good practice’

The majority of patients admitted to hospitals require intravenous access. According to global data, more than one billion peripheral intravenous catheters are used worldwide each year. Numerous reports suggest that a team approach to vascular line assessment, insertion and care improves clinical outcomes, patient experience and healthcare processes. We lecture, run courses and train practitioners in their clinical settings. We look for solutions available to the centres concerned so that, with the resources present, clinical activities are carried out safely.

We see the need for change

We have started a debate on quality improvement in the area of qualifying the right vascular access for the right patient at the right time, performing cannulation procedures and handling the infusion line in 2020. We are constantly carrying out a number of local and national initiatives for increasing the need for standardisation of our field, elements of which medical staff commonly use in their daily work.

Supporting local leaders

Global change starts with local change, so rich in the experience of building the first vascular access teams in Poland, we are keen to share our knowledge and experience with all those who want to change their clinical practice.

Supports us

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